Lielen de Guzman

Lielen de Guzman

    • California Cool meets New York City Hustle.
    • Get this. Lielen is a mash-up of her parents' names - Charlie (LIE) and Ellen (LEN)…woah.
    • Graced with Filipino genes, you can actually WATCH Lielen get darker as she stands in the sun.


Originally from San Francisco, California, Lielen started her career in ad sales. It wasn't pretty. Lielen was a stress bucket. Having gone through her own physical transformation to strut her stuff at a bikini competition, Lielen decided to follow her love of fitness and strength training and began teaching TRX classes. It was much prettier. Lielen was happy. This led to Corporate Wellness Training for Google HQ, which eventually led to teaming up with Golden Gloves Champ Simon Redmond in her first stint as a boxing trainer.

Although she's a Filipino Islander who doesn't know how to swim, Lielen has a varied athletic background. Olympic lifting, rock climbing, bodybuilding, running track…you name it, she's done it. Just don't put her in the water.

Get this: Lielen’s name is a combination of her parents’ names Char(lie) and El(len), and just like her name, she combines her athletic skills to teach Boxing and Training seamlessly.