Leila Leilani

Leila Leilani

    • Part lawyer, part warrior princess
    • Queen of the Mitts
    • Sock & shoe game = level trillion

A first-degree black belt, a warrior princess, and a lawyer walk into a bar. Oh, it's just Leila — because she's all of the above.


Leila's fitness journey began when her LAPD father insisted she knew how to defend herself. She was 4. But little Leila was a quick study and immediately excelled in her kempo karate and judo classes. What began as practical self-defense, has turned into a lifelong passion. As a teenager, Leila competed in martial arts and soon discovered her love for boxing, which she has been studying and coaching for the better half of a decade.


But that's only part of her story. Turns out, Leila hits the book just as hard as she hits the bags. While coaching boxing classes in LA, she earned a law degree and had carved out a career in entertainment and sports law before joining Rumble (no biggie.)