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Khalil Jones

Khalil Jones

    • One of three identical triplet brothers
    • Deep love for fried sweet plantains
    • Dominates hand-stand push ups (no walls needed)

Who needs formal boxing training when you’ve got two identical triplet brothers and a basement to spar in? Inspired by Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movie marathons, 8-year-old Khalil and his brothers grew up wrestling and sparring “for fun.” Khalil holds that you don’t know a hard fight until you’ve tried to fend off two people built exactly like you. (Fun fact: All three of the Jones triplets are now trainers.) Khalil went on to hone his athleticism as a competitive track runner and then a bootcamp and calisthenics group fitness trainer. Now Khalil brings his basement-born ninja moves and star power to every class, where he doles out 10 rounds of pure playtime.