Bradford Rahmlow

Bradford Rahmlow

    • Has been to 36 countries (and counting…)
    • Can rap all 14 minutes of Rapper’s Delight
    • Lived on cruise ships for five years

Why sit still when you were born to stand out? Ever since birth, Bradford has been on the move. Born in New Hampshire, he spent the first one-and-a-half years of life traveling in a motorhome across the country with his parents. From there, he lived in Hawaii and Oregon — both of which founded his love of the outdoors and travel. Bradford discovered dance in high school, picked up a B.A. in dance (and history!) in college, danced with NYC’s Urban Ballet Theater for 12 years, and went on to teach breakdancing and hip-hop to adults and kids. His most recent on-the-run stint was doing fitness things (running and strength conditioning) in Dubai.

Onstage, you may have seen Bradford in Broadway’s “Mamma Mia” or “The Bodyguard the Musical,” but backstage, Bradford was training in Muay Thai. He discovered the sport during a national tour and ending up training at Muay Thai studios around the country for three years. With a deep background in martial arts, running, strength training, and MMA conditioning, Bradford is bringing his extensive movement and training experience to Rumble.