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inside the rumble tv

Class Types


  • Boxing & Strength

    A nod to the O.G. Rumble Boxing workout: Shadowboxing, cardio conditioning, and dumbbell-based strength rounds come together for a high-octane, boxing-inspired workout with that trademark Rumble energy. *Dumbbells required; level up with brass knuckles for shadowboxing.*

  • Boxing & HIIT

    An all-in, high-sweat shadowboxing workout combined with creative bodyweight HIIT programming to give you the O.G. Rumble Boxing workout — but with no equipment necessary.

  • Boxing

    All of the skills and drills designed to level up your boxing by building your repertoire and technique in three key areas — punches, footwork, and defense — all while breaking a serious sweat. *No equipment necessary; level up with brass knuckles for shadowboxing.*


  • HIIT

    Hold the punches — Rumble’s HIIT workout is a nonstop, full-body cardio, conditioning & bodyweight burn designed to push your limits and get that heart rate all the way up. *No equipment necessary*

  • HIIT & Strength

    Combining explosive bodyweight & cardio exercises with the transformative power of strength training, HIIT & Strength is your chance to lift weights and break a serious sweat. *Dumbbells required*


  • Strength

    Some days you just want to lift things — and we got you. These weighted workouts build full-body strength through rep and tempo-based programming to target that upper body, lower body and abs. *Dumbbells required*


  • Running & Strength

    The running experience is reimagined in this half tread, half strength/HIIT workout: Made for everyone from beginner to marathoner to tread hater (seriously), these high-energy rounds play with speeds and inclines on the treadmill, and use weights to shred those muscles off of it. *Treadmill & Dumbbells required*

  • Running & HIIT

    For when you want to hit that runner’s high on the tread and get a head-to-toe bodyweight burn on the floor, these classes are perfectly curated HIIT rounds — minus the weights. *Treadmill required*

  • Running

    The one where we run it for the whole damn time. *Treadmill required*